Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Between the “Roosters” & The “Atlas Lions” French Celebrities of Moroccan Descent Are Indecisive Before the Historical Match

Paris, France/AFP

French celebrities of Moroccan descent are experiencing mixed feelings before the most expected confrontation in the match between France and Morocco on Wednesday evening in the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup. However, it seems that they tend to cheer the “Atlas Lions” after their historic qualification for the semi-finals of Qatar World Cup 2022.

Two authors; Taher Bin Jalloun & Layla Suleimani; hope their home country’s national team qualify for the final match, while the comedian Jamal Dibouz seems more indecisive as he showed enthusiasm on social networks every time Morocco or France won, but he has been keeping silence since it was revealed the next match is going to put the two countries teams in confrontation.


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