China actively participates in the Amman International Book Fair

Union of Jordanian Publishers

China is participating for the seventh consecutive time in the 22nd edition of the AmmanInternational Book Fair through a pavilion managed by the publishing group affiliated with Beijing Normal University. The group specializes in books published in Chinese, English, and Arabic.

Shi Siyu, Director of International Relations at the Publishing Group and responsible for the Chinese Pavilion at the Amman Exhibition, stated that this participation reinforces China’s commitment to establishing Amman as a cultural bridge between Arab and Chinese societies. As such, the pavilion offers visitors a wide range of cultural books, educational materials for learning the Chinese language, novels from Chinese literature, and books that introduce China and its contemporary accomplishments.

Furthermore, Beijing Normal University has recently published seven new books that have been translated from Chinese literature into Arabic. These books include: The Book of Tao, The Art of War, The Four Holy Books, The Policies of The Waring States, Why Tse In The Arms Of The Wind, My Uncle Zhou Enlai, and Belt and Road. These titles introduce Arab readers to the most important books on Chinese philosophy, including the ideas of Confucius.

For his part, Ma Jiansheng, Director of the Publishing House at Beijing Normal University, stated that the university has been focusing on Arab culture since 2015. They have published several books to promote Arab-Chinese relations, including a translation in Chinese and English of “Arab wa Mustaqbal al-Sin” by Jordanian writer Samer Khair Ahmed, which won the Special Book Award of China. They have also published The Corridors of Power by Chinese writer Liu Zhenyun, the Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Beijing University, and a collection of Chinese stories translated into Arabic titled Waiting for a Moment by Chinese writer Lao Ma.

The Publishing House has been participating in the Amman International Book Fair since 2016.