Egyptian artist Ashraf Meslehi dies after an illness


The Egyptian Acting Professions Syndicate announced in an official statement; the passing of the artist “Ashraf Meslehi” at the age of 49.

The Syndicate said in its statement: “The Acting Professions Syndicate mourns with great sadness and sorrow the late artist Ashraf Moselhi, and the Syndicate extends its sincere condolences to the family of the deceased, praying to God Almighty to bless the deceased with his mercy and to grant his family patience and solace. To Allah we belong and to him we shall return.”

Ashraf Meslehi’s son, “Karim,” also expressed his sorrow through his official Facebook account, saying, “Tears fill my eyes and my heart is heavy with grief as I bid farewell to my beloved father, Ashraf Meslehi, who has passed away. May he rest in peace.”

Karim Ashraf Meslehi also confirmed that the funeral prayer will take place on Monday afternoon at El-Mosheer Tantawy Mosque in the Fifth Settlement in Cairo.

Ashraf Meslehi Moslehi’s Disease:

Earlier this year, his wife, Director Manal Al-Saifi, announced that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

She made a statement on Facebook several days ago, saying: “To all the journalists who are inquiring about Ashraf’s situation, it is still the same, we thank God for everything and ask Him to bless and heal him. The Syndicate is constantly checking up on him. All his artist friends are concerned and are offering their support…

I am really exhausted and frustrated with the questions that do not help. Please understand that we are very tired and upset. When you speak, please ask meaningful questions that are helpful. I have run out of energy, and I appreciate everyone’s understanding. Thank you.”

Ashraf Meslehi, The Artist:

Born in 1974, he graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema with a degree in Directing. His first artistic work was in the film “Closed Doors” directed by the late Egyptian director Atef El-Tayeb in 2001. He continued to take on various roles and portray diverse characters until 2020 when he acted in the series “Al Ekhteyar” when he was diagnosed with cancer. After his diagnosis, he stopped participating in any artistic works.


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