Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Hajar Tamim won first place in the Musical Creativity Competition


the composer and pianist, Hajar Tamim, won the first place for the piano in Basra, in the Oyoun Competition for Musical Creativity for Youth, which was held at the Heritage University Theater and bore the name of the course (Maestro Abdul Razzaq Al-Azzawi

The musical composer, Hajar Tamim, told I am “very happy to represent my city of Basra as a woman in this competition and to get the first place in Basra to play the piano. During the competition, I presented two pieces of music, the first is by the international composer Ludovic, and the second of my composition is called Basra. I was inspired by the heritage of Basra, and this piece sends a message about Basra, past and present.”
She added, “I have an orchestral work inspired by the heritage of Basra and its rich rhythms, as I formulated it in a modern scientific style,” indicating that “the work is a message from our city, Basra, to the world, because Iraq is a country full of real talents, especially Basra.”
She pointed out, “One of the important messages of my orchestral work as well is highlighting the role of Iraqi and Arab women in building society.”
And she added, “In the past, women were measured musically only by their voice, and not by their creative stock, such as musical composition, conducting an orchestra, and other arts.”


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