Honoring the star Mahmoud Hamida before showing his new play

Cairo, Mohamed Al-Sanadili

The Grand Thebes Theater in Nasr City, Cairo, is witnessing a special tribute to the Egyptian movie star Mahmoud Hamida, presented to him by the heroes of the theatrical show “Fi Hattah Taniyya”, which is scheduled to be shown tomorrow, in the presence of a large number of art stars, television directors and producers.

55 talented young men and women who were selected from among hundreds of applicants for the “Comprehensive Actor” workshop organized by Turquoise Studio three months ago will participate in the show.
Director and casting director Ahmed Tammam – the producer of the show – said that the show was presented for two days two weeks ago and achieved great success amid the remarkable presence of a number of artists, media professionals and directors, led by the star Khaled El Sawy.

“In a second moment,” written by Sameh Othman, reviews by Dr. Sameh Saber, poems, music and music composed by Muhammad Mostafa, decoration by Mostafa Hamed, accessories and fashion by Samah Nabil, lighting by Ibrahim Al-Furn, design of the official advertisement for the show by Mustafa Shaarawi, advertising and social media Karim Aboul Gheit and Ahmed Madani, general supervision by Ahmed Masoud, production by Abdel Rahman Tammam and Ahmed Perfect, directed by Sameh Bassiouni.

Director Sameh Bassiouni says that the show is presented in a lyrical comedy show that takes place in four panels that monitor and discuss some social phenomena. And the device, to the extent that young people are unable to achieve their legitimate dreams, while the second panel revolves around the relationship between men and women and how society can transform it into a state of continuous conflict between the two parties, although neither of them is indispensable for the other.
And in the third panel, there is a light on the “trend mania”, which has become a preoccupation for many sectors of society, and how it can push some to commit any foolishness that guarantees them the leadership of the trend.
In his last painting, the work turns to an attempt to consolidate the value of love in its broadest sense, which has declined in societal relations between members of the same family, friends, and co-workers, in an invitation to restore the spirit of love in daily dealings between people. Bassiouni added that he seeks in this experience to establish an ambitious project. He is based on making stars through a theatrical work, during which he employed his experiences as a director who is interested in training the actor in the skills and performance arts that he presents in a decent manner to the audience and art makers as an opportunity to discover their future in artistic works.

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