Hussein Al Jasmi’ new song, be fine

Dubai office

With good wishes and optimism in the new year 2023, Emirati artist Hussain Al Jasmi inaugurated his lyrical releases in the new year from the gate of the Egyptian lyrical color in words and melody, putting his creative touches in composing and singing them
The song bears the title “O Lord, You Will Be Fine”, and it contains many beautiful meanings and feelings, in which he renews his cooperation with the distinguished Egyptian poet Tamer Hussein, and the music distributor Ali Fathallah, who added sweetness and beauty to it through the mixing and mastering process, as it bears the emotional color in its lyrics and lyrical style, which says At the beginning of it

Oh God, you will be fine . This is the
most important thing for me , after which there are many things. Forget the
upset and come back
after you.

The song “O Lord, You Will Be Fine” was shown through a video produced, including the lyrics of the song, exclusively through the official channel of the artist Hussein Al Jasmi on YouTube, in addition to publishing and displaying it on all Gulf and Arab radio stations, and all electronic music libraries and platforms specialized in presenting songs.

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