In pictures, Ola Ghanem and Muhammad al-Nukli in the rehearsals of the series “Toha”, in preparation for Ramadan 2023

EAMA news agency

Director Muhammad Al-Nukli continues the table rehearsals for the team of his latest TV work, entitled “Toha”.

which is the series that witnesses the return of actress Ola Ghanem to drama after a five-year absence from the small screen.

The series is starring: Ola Ghanem, Ehab Fahmy, Hajjaj Abdel-Azim, Intisar, Donia Al-Masry.

Ahmed Siam, Abed Anani, Reem Ahmed, Mai Al-Qadi, Jihan Anwar, Taghreed Fahmy.

It also includes Hossam Fares, Lubna Ezzat, media advisor Mohamed Badr, decorator Wael Abdullah, director of photography Sherif Helal.

producer Assem El-Manyawy outlet, produced by El-Shams Media Production, written by Ahmed Sobhi, and directed by Mohamed El-Nokly.

Al-Nukali revealed the story of the series, which revolves around the concept of willpower that pushes you towards achieving what you decided to achieve.

And she insists on implementing it, whether in the field of your studies in your emotional
life or in your field of work.

so “Toha” encounters financial and moral difficulties in life, from the near and the stranger, but she must overcome.

and overcome these obstacles, so who knows what will be written for her in the end.

Al-Naqli added that he is currently preparing to start filming as soon as the neighborhood decorations are completed.

and the external filming locations are inspected, so that the series will start, God willing, at the end of this December.

For her part, the actress, Ola Ghanem, expressed her happiness in cooperating again with the great director Muhammad Al-Nukli in an artistically heavy series.

in which she plays the role of “Toha”, a poor girl who is the eldest of her sisters, struggling and seeking to find different sources of livelihood.

very serious in the language of the people of the country with her family.

but she is exposed to difficulties At the beginning of the road.

however, conditions can change after the failure, to stand up again and the dream to come true.

Ola added that she apologized for many of the works that were offered to her this year.

in order to participate with director Muhammad Al-Nukli after an absence of years.

since their last meeting together in the series “The Seven Girls”.

In a related context, the actress Dina Fouad and the able artist Mimi Jamal joined the series “Toha”.

and they signed contracts with Abdullah Mansour, the artistic producer of the series, to complete the cluster of main roles within the work.

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