Jehad Sarkis to 7eNEWS: my new song “Farha Farha” is dedicated to the wedding of our Crown Prince Al Hussein

Exclusive- Jihad Ahmad Al-Far

Great Jordanian singer Jehad Sarkis told 7eNEWS that he is participating, like other artists of Jordan and the Arab world.

in the wedding of Jordan’s Crown Prince, Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, by dedicating his song “Farha Farha” to him on the occasion of the wedding.

Sarkis said in his interview with us that the song was only released for the first time on the occasion of the Crown Prince’s wedding, noting that it was written by Halima Al-Abbadi and Hilal Al-Shorfat, composed and distributed by Ayman Abdullah, and produced by Suleiman Al-Assaf.

“Farah Farah” belongs to the Bedouin folklore, especially “Al-Samer”.

Born in 1969 in Amman, Jehad Sarkis is a member of the Jordanian Artists Association. He has many successful songs that have achieved wide popularity among the audience, including “Alf Salama”.

“Inti aywa inti”, “Bunnaya”, “Jafra”, “Dakhlak ya Sheikh al-’Ushaq”, “Zay Al-Sama” and other successful songs that had a great influence on his artistic life.

The Jordanian Royal Court had previously announced that the royal wedding of Crown Prince Al Hussein’s to Miss Rajwa Khaled Al Saif, would be on the first Thursday of June 2023.

Many Arab artists participated in dedicating special songs to the prince’s wedding alongside Sarkis, including the great artist Issa Al-Saqqar, who dedicated “Prince Hussein’s Wedding”, the Lebanese artist Melhem Zein.

who dedicated his song “Qamar Huzairan”, in addition to star Ragheb Alama, who dedicated his song “Nafrah bill Hussain” to the Crown Prince.

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