Leen Home Gallery sparks children’s imaginations in plastic art

The home “Lieen Gallery” unleashed the imagination of children who participated in a training course today, Saturday, to master visual art, and
pay attention to distinguishing lines and areas of their colors.
The founding president of the Gallery, Lynn Bassel Al-Tarawneh, told Petra that the organization of the workshop coincides with the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. .
She added that the participants expressed their opinions through their artistic paintings, considering that this is their right, indicating that they were able to communicate their messages, express themselves, and embody their creative ideas freely.
Tarawneh pointed out that drawing is one of the oldest forms of human expression in the visual arts, and is generally concerned with distinguishing lines and areas of color on paper and other materials.
She stressed that these meetings and workshops develop the creative sense of children and youth, noting that the participants presented works of art that deserve appreciation and periodic follow-up to maintain communication with their ideas and excellence.
Al-Tarawneh explained that art is the product of a civilized work based on reason and emotion, to form, through their fusion, the creative and creative human being. for their good memories.
Thirteen-year-old Moamen Ramzy, one of the participants in the workshop, expressed his happiness at participating, as he was able to express his inner thoughts through an innovative creative unit that contributes to motivating the individual to present and express what is in him in a smart way, so that his idea quickly reaches his mind and conscience. others.
As for Adam Saed, 16, he considered the workshop important in sharing ideas and opinions and exchanging experiences, in order to reach the desired goal through art.
This was shared by 15-year-old Marad Al-Mashaqbeh, who sees art workshops as an opportunity to launch and innovate with steady steps, and as a bridge to achieving more progress in all aspects of life, expressing his hope that the experiment will be repeated because of its importance in intellectual, cognitive and social development.
Bushra Al-Mashaqbeh, 10 years old, saw in the workshop a world where sensation, beauty and creativity mix at the same time, to form, through her experience, a title in which she is enlightened and guided to broader horizons with influential fingerprints that express opinions, ideas and the self in an inspiring way.
As for Mirna Othman, 12 years old, she showed that artistic teamwork enhances cooperation and communication, stimulates the investment and exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas, and increases efficiency and positive energy.
It is noteworthy that Human Rights Day is celebrated annually on December 10, in commemoration of the day on which the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948; with the aim of protecting human rights.

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