Mohamed Dakdouk releases his new song ”Agharo Alayki”

The Syrian musical artist Mohamed Dakdouk released his new song in standard Arabic on his YouTube channel entitled “Agharo Alayki”, a move away from today’s popular song types.

He released the new song in standard Arabic. The dong was written by Poet Mahmoud Darwish, composed by Musaab Walweel, arranged by artist Mohamed Dakdouk, montaged by Maitha Abduljalil and supervised by MDSTUDIO1.

Mohamed Dakdouk said he chose this song a while ago, but time was not suitable to release it.

Now, it was launched after making some modifications to the arrangement to suit every listener’s taste.

He also expressed his happiness about this new song, the audience’s reaction and the popularity it gained from the first moment it was released, hoping it would become more popular and likable by people.

As he is in the midst of preparing his artwork in the studio where he is living, the artist .Mohamed Dakdouk is expected to release his already underway songs successively

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