Musician Mina Sami wins the Exceptional Achievement Award from the Global Music Awards

Egyptian musician Mina Sami achieved very positive reactions in the world of soundtracks, after he recently won the Silver Medal Award as the best exceptional achievement in the world of music composition by the Global Music Awards.

Mina Sami won the award for his two compositions, Heroes No and Light, amid intense competition by many soundtrack composers around the world, to finally win the award from the most famous competition in the world of music in Europe.

Mina Sami said in a press statement that he is proud of being Egyptian and participating in international competitions interested in the world of music and then winning one of its awards, pointing out that he studied engineering in Egypt, but his passion in the world of soundtrack made him study it in London, where he joined the Royal College of Music in London. Master’s degree in soundtrack.

About winning the Global Music Awards, Mina said: “It is an international competition that mainly cares about all the details of the world of music and its judges are recipients of the famous Emmy and Grammy Awards.” With new life experiences.

Sami indicated that he won many local awards in London, and participated in more than one cinematic work, the last of which was his participation in setting the soundtrack for the animation movie Ark Aeons, which was chosen to be shown on the Piccadilly Circus screen, in which the largest screen of its kind in Europe is located.

Sami confirmed that he was chosen a short time ago as the president of the Student Union of Soundtrack Composers at the Royal College of Music in London for the year 2022/23, pointing out that he felt very happy to receive this honor among a large group of professional musicians from all countries of the world, especially since the Royal College of Music Ranked as number one in the world in Music Studies.

Mina concluded by saying: “I hope that the music that I perform in Europe will reach Egypt, and that I will work there soon, whether with singers or in artistic works in cinema and television.”

It is worth noting that Mina Sami has collaborated with a number of singers before his travel to England, where he collaborated with Zab Tharwat, Nesma Mahjoub, and Hana Ghoneim.

in addition to presenting the soundtrack to the series “Zakia Al Smart”, in addition to obtaining the Sawiris Cultural Scholarship for the year 2021 to study a master’s degree in London.


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