Mutaib Al-Shaalan seizes the opportunity to showcase his talent with his new song, “Abiha Mn Allah”

The young Saudi artist, Mutaib Al-Shaalan, recently released his latest single titled “Abiha Mn Allah.” The song features touching lyrics, a beautiful melody, and a unique production style. He collaborated with poet Ahmed Alawi for the lyrics, artist Ahmed Al-Harmi for the melody, and Seeroos for the musical arrangement. The single was produced by Tunes Arabia and the producer, Hassan Talib.

The lyrics of the song introduce a new style by expressing themes of love and the joy of meeting one’s beloved, as stated in its introduction:
“I wanted her, by the will of God
And she came to me
An opportunity for me to see you
And hold your hand in mine
The most wonderful coincidence brought us together
With nobody around to see us
This is our chance, my darling
I do not wish it to pass by”

The song “Abiha Mn Allah” was mixed and mastered by Engineer Jassim Mohammed. The work was recorded and produced in Bahrain, Dubai, and Riyadh under the technical management of Abdullah Al-Baddad and the general supervision of producer Hassan Talib. The song was released on Tunes Arabia’s YouTube channel, as well as on all major social media platforms, specialized platforms, and Saudi, Gulf, and Arab radio stations.

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