Our Colleague Oday Safi Publishes his Book “On the Hospitality of Love.”


Writer and journalist Oday Safi revealed his book, “On the Hospitality of Love,” yesterday evening, Sunday, at the National Library, in the presence of a group of intellectuals and academics.

On the Hospitality of Love is the first upshot by the writer Safi. It is a 435-page book, consisting of medium-sized pages, that include a variety of literary texts such as stories, thoughts, and sentiments.

The revealing ceremony, which journalist Shahad Hamdan moderated, included critical interventions by former Minister of Information Sakher Dudin, former Director General of the Jordan News Agency, writer and journalist Ramadan Al-Rawashdeh, and colleague Nour Al-Duwairi.

Dudin stated that the writer’s broad imagination, highly expressive language, and seamless transitions between places are credited as advantages. These are evident in the linguistic metaphors used, which indicate the writer’s extensive knowledge and cultural understanding.

He added, “The book’s language is filled with suspense in its stories and tales, making the reader yearn to visit the tourist destinations both within and outside of Jordan, as the writer intended in his narratives and texts. The effortless portrayal of the impossible, the alluring depiction of love stories, and the vivid narration of the surroundings all contribute to the suspenseful nature of this book. It can be compared to the renowned tales of One Thousand and One Nights, as it compels the reader to eagerly progress from one chapter to the next, driven by overwhelming curiosity.”

Al-Rawashdeh pointed out in his intervention that every book carries the narrative of the writer and the narrative of the reader, emphasizing the significant role of the critic.


He said, “Oday embarked on the adventure of writing at an early age. He soon realized that his linguistic repertoire was rich in culture and thought. The chapters of his book reflected the high culture he had acquired through extensive and qualitative literary studies. The first book of any writer is always an identification card for him and his creativity. It will either elevate or destroy him, but the protagonist of Oday’s book is the Arabic language that he has mastered.”

He added, “I was impressed by the writer’s metaphors and imagination. He has a highly expressive language and writes in a style that deviates from well-known templates. This suggests the emergence of a promising writer in the future, provided he continues his distinctive literary pursuit.”

Al-Duwairi presented Oday’s transition from journalism to literature, highlighting that Oday, who initially entered the realm of literary writing through journalism and media, possesses a sharp and dynamic mind devoid of monotony and that he demonstrates a penchant for innovation and creativity in his written work.
“In the texts of the book, there is creativity that indicates a world of imagination, which is what every writer needs to create and enhance the imaginations of readers. It is an imaginative journey woven through language, transporting the reader to places they can explore within the pages of a book,” she added.
At the end of the ceremony, Safi delivered a compelling testimony, sharing his vision for his debut book. He expressed, “In this book, my aim was to promote familiarity and love. I believe that trying new things is a characteristic of ambitious individuals who are unafraid of experimentation and undeterred by risks. They are the path to success, and this is my journey and my goal. It has been my highest and most significant aspiration since I was a young child, I pray to God to be a devoted protector of my words, a virtuous embodiment of love, and a supportive advocate of language.”
He added, “In my book, I have encompassed everything that God and the world have bestowed upon me, including reading, acquiring knowledge, deep contemplation, relentless pursuit, and immersing myself in the vast oceans of books and the rich history of ancient civilizations.”


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