Qusai Hatem Releases His New Single “Hatha Ani” and Achieves the Highest Views  

A new success has been added to the career of the young Iraqi singer Qusai Hatem with the release of his new single “Hatha Ani.” The music video has achieved high views.

exceeding one and a half million within a few days of its release on his official YouTube channel.

The lyrics were written by poet Baher Al-Jandal, with music composed by Saif Al-Fares, and distribution, mixing, and mastering by Moheb Al-Rawi.

The lyrics of “Hatha Ani” are filled with emotion, expressing the depth of longing after separation. This sentiment is reflected in Qusai Hatem’s powerful voice and emotional performance, which enhances the beauty of the melody and musical arrangement. He expressed his happiness regarding the positive feedback he received from the audience about the song, as well as their engagement with it on social media platforms.

In the introduction of the song, he says:

Yes, that’s me, leaving you hurts.

It’s okay if you don’t know, but that’s me without you.

I’m bored trying, it’s not easy, I swear.

The problem is that it is you

If it were anyone else, I would have forgotten about them.

I want to hug you for seconds.

I have been suffering since you left me.

Parting with you was the end of me.

In addition to its release on his official YouTube channel, the song was broadcasted on all Iraqi and Arab radios. It is also available on all specialized music platforms, as well as in online stores and electronic libraries.

Qusai Hatem has embarked on a media tour that will cover various regions of the Arab world. He will be featured on specialized programs and radio shows.


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