Sharjah Performing Arts Academy hosts industry performance of Scorched

Sharjah Performing Arts Academy (SPAA) a world-class performing arts powerhouse, staged a powerful rendition of Wajdi Mouawad’s poetic play, Scorched. The intimate performance was held exclusively for industry professionals and members of the performing arts community, captivating them with the student’s raw talent and the play’s deep exploration of human emotion.

Scorched tells the story two twins, Simon and Janine Marwan, who attend the reading of their mother’s will following a gruelling war.

The play explores how their mother, Nawal, had been left mute after attending war trials, due to the atrocities uncovered. Following Nawal’s death, the twins had been left with intriguing instructions to go on a journey of self discovery and mystery to their homeland where they discover buried truths about their father and brother which changes the courses of their lives forever.

The poetic play, delivered beautifully by the Sharjah Performing Arts Academy cast, explores themes of poverty, the turmoils of war and the necessity for truths to be told no matter the consequences. The performances which took place from 5th-7th December were the first ever showcase of the play to be held within the UAE.
Source: Sharjah Academy

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