Song “Ymken Kher” by “Rami Sabry” is close to 53 million views

Egyptian National Media Authority

The song “Ymken Kher” by the star Ramy Sabry has approached 53 million views on the famous video site “YouTube” 6 months ago. It was written by Ahmed Ali Moussa, composed by Ramy Sabry and distributed by Tarek Tawakul.

The star, Ramy Sabry, was keen this year to become different and unique in the way he released his new album, as he released his album, which included 8 songs in one video clip, in a distinctive way, which won the admiration of the audience, and the audience praised him in this way and described him as a diverse artist who wants to elevate art and He has a different way from other artists.

Ramy Sabry recently released his new album, “Ma3aya Hatbda3“, and the album has achieved great success since its release until now, and the album “Ma3aya Hatbda3”, topped the list of the most popular albums in the world.

Ramy Sabry’s new album “Ma3aya Hatbda3” includes 8 songs, and they are: Ma3aya Hatbda3, Enta El Asl, Bteftkerny Sa3at, Habeena, Lama Bywhashny, Ymken Kher, Faker Nafsak Hedya, Ehna Fi Heta Tanya.

Ramy Sabry’s new album includes a large number of composers, poets and distributors, most notably: Aziz El Shafei, Tamer Hussein, Ahmed Ali Moussa, Ahmed Hussein, Madian, Tarek Tawakul.

Recently, Ramy Sabry released the song “Malk El Farfasha”, written by Tamer Hussein and composed by Ramy Sabry, while he cooperates for the first time with music distributors Ahmed Khalil and Karim Shindy in distributing the song.

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