The Arabic Language Academy stresses the importance of enriching the Internet with Arabic content

During the 40th cultural season of the Arabic Language Academy, which was held at the Academy’s headquarters today, Thursday, specialists discussed the state of the Arabic language and civilizational communication.
In a session chaired by a member of the Academy, Dr. Ali Mohafza, Dr. Ibrahim Badran stressed the importance of enriching the Internet with Arabic content and enhancing communication in Arabic in light of the low percentage of this content compared to other languages. Pointing out that the proportion of Arabic content on the Internet does not exceed 1 percent.

For his part, a member of the Academy, Dr. Fathi Malkawi, presented the role of the Arabic language in spreading the Arab-Islamic civilization in the contemporary world, pointing to the importance of civilized communication with the world, including the transfer of growing human knowledge and its localization in the Arab world.
Professor of Literary Criticism at Yarmouk University, Dr. Ziyad Al-Zoubi, presented a research entitled “Translation Creativity” concerned with Arabic texts in German poetry in the nineteenth century, in which he referred to the impact of translating Arabic texts into German in enhancing cultural communication with German culture and influencing it.

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