The Egyptian Opera celebrates the International Day of the Arabic Language

The Egyptian Opera House celebrates the International Day of the Arabic Language through the Cultural Opera Salon, which hosts the poet and critic Ahmed Gad, with the participation of a number of Egyptian and Arab creators, including Abeer Zaki, Mona Abdel Latif, Wissam Emara, Muhammad Abu Al-Azayem, Fayez Abu Jaish (Syria), Jalal Al-Ali ( Saudi Arabia) and directed by the poet Issam Badr under the supervision of the artist Amin Al-Serafy, at 7:00 pm, Wednesday, December 21, at the Small Theatre.

It is worth noting that Ahmed Gad is a poet and critic who has been classified as a representative of the romantic trend among the poets of the third millennium in Egypt in Al-Babtain Dictionary. He has received many awards, including the State Encouragement Award for Poetry 2010, the Egyptian Writers Union Prize for Poetry 2016, first place in theatrical poetry from the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. 2012, Shield of the Arab Poetry Festival 2013..and others. Member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Writers Union 2022, Chairman of the Committee for the Protection of the Arabic Language at the Egyptian Writers Union 2022. He has a group of publications, works and collections, including opening a window for the moons, melodies in the moonlight, while the pictures perish, while I think it has something to do with rain, an operetta by Mahfouz Abd al-Rahman.. A life path and others, as well as critical studies in literary magazines.

It is noteworthy that the International Day of the Arabic Language is celebrated in December of each year, as it is the month in which the United Nations General Assembly issued its decision to include the Arabic language among the official and working languages of the United Nations, after a proposal made by the Kingdom of Morocco, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Libya during the Executive Council of the Organization. UNESCO is a continuation of the Arab diplomatic efforts exerted since the fifties of the last century aimed at adopting the Arabic language among the official languages of the United Nations and its bodies.

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