The Jordanian Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum, organized a dialogue session on leveraging the digital revolution in the local artistic movement.

Ministry of Culture

As part of the open artistic dialogue series organized by the Jordanian Ministry of Culture, aimed at elevating artistic taste and expanding the horizons of dialogue, a dialogue session titled “The Problem of Expanding the Use of the Digital Revolution and Digital Art in the Local Art Movement” will be held on the upcoming Tuesday, August 1, 2023, at 6:00 PM. The session is organized in collaboration with Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum and will be prepared and moderated by the critic, Mr. Mazen Asfour.

In this dialogue session, the main perspectives will be examined by Dr. Mahmoud Issa, an expert in multimedia and contemporary digital applications at the American University of Madaba. He will address the issues related to the widespread use of media and the possibilities achieved by the contemporary digital revolution, as it integrates into various forms of artistic creativity.

In this session, with the participation of the attendees, both the positive and negative impacts of this utilization will be observed and examined, as it has introduced fundamental transformations in contemporary art at the local and global levels. The dialogue will be open to all participants, including artists, students, and the audience, to explore diverse and conflicting opinions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of this utilization. Moreover, ways to strike a balance between those advocating for unleashing digital art and its virtual worlds as an inevitable consequence of progress and the spirit of the age, and those advocating for preserving traditional creative artistic expressions, free from digital or virtual elements, will be observed and discussed.

Dr. Mahmoud Issa, the main academic contributor to this session at the American University, is an artist and visual designer who holds a Ph.D. in Multimedia and Design from the University of Evora in Portugal, and a Master’s degree in Digital Arts from Coventry University in the UK. He has also participated in solo and group exhibitions, as well as served on judging panels for numerous local and international visual communication awards.

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