The launch of “Vigilance and Relaxation” in a festive atmosphere for the New Year.. Video

In a joyful atmosphere commensurate with the New Year’s celebrations and the beginning of 2023, “ideology productions” released the song “Al-Sahar wa Al-Insabat”, which is the trio sung by the stars Hamid Al-Shaeri and Hisham Abbas with the star Akram Hosni.

Director Hadi El-Bagoury filmed the clip in a festive atmosphere that brings together the stars of the song in joyful scenes in the streets of Cairo during the distribution of gifts to citizens, and he used a car decorated with festive lights commensurate with the New Year.

The pioneers of social networking sites circulated the song as soon as it was released, especially since it brings together several stars, each of whom has its own audience, especially after the song makers promoted it before its release, which made everyone wait for the work that will bring Hamid and Hisham together with Akram Hosni.

It is worth noting that the song “Al-Sahar wa Al-Insabat” was written by Akram Hosni and composed by Mustafa Al-Assal, distributed by King, and the video clip was directed by the famous director Hadi Al-Bagouri and the producer of Abeer Al-Jarhi, and it was agreed to present it between the trio Hamid, Hisham and Akram, a long time ago. But it was postponed because they were all busy with other work, and they chose to be offered at the end of the year and at the beginning of 2023.

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