Wahabt Alhob is Sheikha Alia bint Khalifa Al Maktoum’s gift to the lovers of original art

Al-Khawar Art Production

Al-Khawar Art Production launched its recent artistic production, Wahabt Alhob, lyrics of which are the poem of Sheikha Alia bint Khalifa Al Maktoum. The song, which was composed by
Abdullah Almamari, and sung by the Voice of the Emirates, star Eida al-Menhali, was introduced.

through the company official YouTube channel and social media sites.
Wahabt Alhob was distributed by Zaid Adel and mixed and mastered by Jassem Mohammed,with Hussein Barakat as the sound engineer. The recording took place at Aghani Studios, theproduction and video was managed by Alaa Fayyad, and the general supervision was led by AliAl-Khawar.

The song showed the sophistication of the poetess’ feelings and the high level that characterizedthe lyrics, displaying the culture of beauty and love.

Poetess Alia bint Khalifa Al Maktoumintroduced an artistic work that was added to her previous work, as she maintained the memory
of the original classy art, full of sensitivity and fearless feelings.
The introduction of the song says:
I gave love from my heart, I offered it
All my life and existence
I was in love with your love for me, I knew it
I am fond of you, now and always
I hope I never lose your closeness
Life without seeing you is impossible

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