Monday, June 5, 2023

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د. تيسير عبد الجبار الآلوسي

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Strategic Crops Between Due Consideration and Targeting

Dr. Tayseer Abdul-Jabbar Al-Alusi Among the top priority of the various countries of the world when setting their budgets and economic plans lies...

Corruption and Some of What its Environments and Institutions Hide Under the Veil of Legitimacy

Dr. Tayseer Abdul-Jabbar Al-Alusi In the closed groups organized by them, especially the doctrinal ones, we will monitor a dangerous fact of corruption....

The Quota System: Its Distortions and Dangers on the Infrastructure and Superstructure of Society

By Dr. Tayseer Abdul-Jabbar Al-Alusi The repercussions of the (quota system) concept prevailing nowadays surface badly when we look at the devastating consequences...

Twenty harsh years of disasters and crises: Aren’t they enough to declare the Democratic National Salvation Front...

By Dr. Tayseer Abdul-Jabbar Al-Alusi From the personalist dictatorship regime to the breakdown of theocratic klepto-fascism… That, in short, sums up what happened...