A Turkish Citizen Exports Lokum to Five Countries, Including Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Istanbul Office

Turkish citizen Mehmet Kemal Keramitlar succeeded in delivering his product of lokum to the markets of fivecountries, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Keramitlar, 63 years old, who continues to produce lokum in the central state of Niğde, inherited the profession from his ancestors at the age of 14 before taking the reins of the business after his father’s death in the seventies of the last century.

The Turkish citizen said that his family has been producing lokum for nearly 80 years.

The Turkish citizen was able to deliver his product to various states of his country before starting to export it to the markets of five countries.

Currently, Keramitlar’s products from lokum reach the markets of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Germany, Kazakhstan, and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Since the beginning of this year, the Turkish citizen’sexports of lokum have exceeded 50 tons.


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