Wednesday, March 22, 2023

talabat Jordan: Officially launches talabat Heroes Experience Center and honors outstanding riders for 2022


talabat Jordan, the region’s leading local tech platform, recently revealed its talabat Heroes Experience Center located in Sweileh. The center is dedicated to meeting the needs of its riders, who are considered the core and backbone of its operations.

The company organized an event to officially commemorate the opening of the center. Attendees included talabat’s logistics team, third-party partners, local management, and the regional team. The event featured a wide range of activities, most prominent of which was the annual talabat Heroes Award for distinguished riders for the year 2022. The awardees were presented with a certificate of recognition, and participants were offered numerous entertainment, competitions, games, and activities that created a friendly atmosphere for everyone involved.

Through the center, talabat Jordan aims to effectively communicate with its riders and provide all forms of services and support. This includes: training services for new riders joining its fleet, assistance services by supervisors, and an entertainment hub created in a designated area for employees to take a rest and relax in between shifts, giving them time to refresh and recharge.

talabat’s newest initiative, the Heroes Experience Center, is part of its continuous strategy to improve the well-being of its riders. This center reflects the company’s continuous efforts to improve its riders’ experience and take it to higher levels through motivational and appreciation programs.


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