the EcoWASTE Exhibition and Forum 2023 will start next January in Abu Dhabi

The activities of EcoWaste Exhibition and Forum 2023 will be commencing during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, from the 16th to 18th of January, 2023, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre under the organization and strategic partnership of Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre, Tadweer.

The agenda of the Exhibition and Forum will outline the leading role of the GCC countries in promoting the march towards a circular economy while highlighting the role of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in this field. It will allow participants the opportunity to learn about the innovative approaches adopted by the GCC countries in sustainable waste management, alongside solutions designed to deal with the waste crisis in the Middle East and North Africa, which according to the World Bank estimates, it is expected to double by about 255 million tons annually by 2050 because of increased urbanization.

EcoWASTE will highlight the sources of proceeds and investment opportunities that the circular economy provides to newly emerging and existing companies in different sectors. The forum’s program will include keynote addresses, case studies, dialogue sessions that bring to view detailed innovative and effective approaches for creating a new value out of waste, and the use of technology in waste management. EcoWASTE will also discuss developing strategies for diverting waste from landfills, conducting waste-to-energy studies, eliminating the use of single-use plastics, and developing waste management technologies.

A pioneering platform :

Regarding this, Engineer Ali Al-Dhaheri, Acting Director General of Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre, Tadweer, said: “The EcoWASTE Exhibition and Forum is a pioneering platform that brings together experts and specialists in the field of waste management and recycling from around the world to offer them the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge in this field, which helps us reach the best ways to manage waste and invest it in various industries to achieve sustainable development”.

Al Dhaheri added: “Waste is a real challenge facing the Middle East and North Africa, but at the same time, it gives us an opportunity to take the initiative and shift to a circular economy through which it is possible to achieve sustainable development and increase job opportunities, not to mention, decreasing carbon emissions in the region.

Taking the previously mentioned into consideration, and through our participation in EcoWASTE, we look forward to shedding light on the active role we play in this field and transferring the experience of the UAE to the world, not to mention, exchanging experiences with the various participants of the exhibition about the best practices and advanced technologies in the field of waste management, and working together to make a positive change that serves the future of humanity”.

Exchanging experiences :

During the exhibition, Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre, Tadweer, will display the best practice methods in line with the sustainability initiative, including advanced treatment of hazardous waste, replacing waste containers, launching online auctions to sell recyclable waste, and supporting waste collection companies that collect residential, agricultural, and recyclable waste. The Centre will also present products made from recycled waste such as demolition and construction, agricultural, and animal wastes.

In addition to that, the Centre will organize a dialogue session, on the margins of EcoWASTE, entitled “Women in the Field of Sustainable Waste Management”, which highlights the efforts to educate youths about the waste management sector and the importance of sustainable practices in waste management.

During EcoWASTE, the Centre’s platform will witness the signing of several memorandums of understanding and strategic agreements with a number of leading local and international parties in this sector, with the aim of supporting Tadweer’s efforts and projects on a local level, as well as the efforts to spread knowledge and awareness in the fields of environment, community and occupational health and safety, and others to enhance the level of services provided by the Centre, local municipalities, parties concerned, and partners.

Regional focus :
The activities of EcoWASTE include holding the Waste Management in the UAE and the GCC forum, which will incorporate a high-level dialogue between the municipalities of the countries in the region on appropriate ways to enhance the practices of sustainable waste management, identify opportunities for the authorities of these countries to cooperate, coordinate, and partner up, and find the best available solutions to the challenges facing the waste management sector.
It should be mentioned that the GCC countries produce between 105-130 million tons of waste annually, most of which is municipal solid waste such as construction, demolition, and agricultural wastes.

In this context, a report issued by the Boston Consulting Group, in cooperation with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, stated the need to invest 60-85 billion U.S. dollars in sources that create value out of plastic, concrete, cement, metals, and organic wastes over the next twenty years in order to achieve the GCC’s goals in managing waste and reducing its transfer to landfills.

International participants :

Notable exhibitors include Italy’s Dulevo International, Denmark’s Eldan Recycling, France’s ATI Industries, the United States of America’s BTS Biogas, Serbia’s Plastik Gogic, and BEEAH Group, the UAE’s leading waste management company based in Sharjah, in addition to companies from Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Algeria, India, Cyprus, and many more.

It is worth mentioning that the EcoWASTE Exhibition and Forum, under the organization and strategic partnership of Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre, Tadweer, will be held during the activities of the World Future Energy Summit, which will be hosted by Masdar Company as part of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week events.

Resource : Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates .

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