Majd Ayoub participated in Hussein’s wedding by performing the traditional wedding procession, “Zaffa”, and he was awarded honorary membership of the Free Chapters Club in Jordan

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Artist Majd Ayoub told 7eNEWS that he indirectly participated in the wedding of Jordanian Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II by introducing a new and unique Zaffa song, which is not commonly seen in Jordan.

During our conversation with Ayoub, he emphasized that the Zaffa song was unique in terms of its lyrics, content, and melody. He specifically mentioned that, on the occasion of the Crown Prince’s wedding, the Zaffa performed was written by lyricist Sohaib Halaseh and distributed by Omar Haddadin. Ayoub also mentioned that he composed the Zaffa song, which is currently being broadcast on all radio stations in the Kingdom and abroad.

Ayoub also mentioned that he is currently working on a new song following the Zaffa performance. However, he intends to infuse a Lebanese characteristic into the song, as many of his fans are accustomed to it.

The new song will be written by François Al-Rahi, composed by Ayoub, and arranged by Omar Haddadin. A video clip will be filmed 10 days after the song is completed.

Ayoub also mentioned in his interview with 7eNEWS that he plans to take part in several festivals, including the Jerash Festival in July and August, which will be held at the Roman Amphitheater.

Ayoub will also participate on Thursday in a ceremony to commemorate Prince Hussein’s wedding in Aqaba.

He explained that this is the second year in a row that he will perform at the Great Arab Revolt Square in Aqaba. He also noted that the concerts will not be limited to this event alone, as he will also perform at many weddings both inside and outside the Kingdom.

Ayoub also revealed for the first time to the media that he obtained an honorary membership of the Free Chapters Club, which is affiliated with the Harley Davidson Club in Jordan.

The club includes over 90,000 business leaders, businesswomen, and major investors in Jordan.



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