How To Avoid Weight Gain Over The Festive Season

The festive season spent around family and friends is considered to be the most wonderful time of the year, although it can be challenging for those trying to lose weight. There are memories to be made, and good times to be shared – but calorie heavy food and drinks seem to be made the center of all plans. There are some quick and easy steps you can take to avoid putting on weight over the festive season.

1. Weigh yourself regularly

Regularly weighing yourself can help prevent weight gain during the festive season. Even outside the holiday season, regular weigh-ins can help raise your awareness of your progress and keep you motivated to stick to your healthy lifestyle plans. Being aware of how far you’ve come in your weight loss journey can help you stay motivated to keep up the progress. If continuing to lose weight over the holidays (or maintaining your pre-Christmas weight) is unrealistic for you, then set a “maximum” goal for any weight gain. Make sure you keep weighing in with this goal in mind.

2. Don’t rely on willpower – make it easier to make healthier choices!

Willpower is a conscious effort to do something new or different to what we’d usually do or what we’d prefer to do. It can take a lot of energy and it often doesn’t work – certainly not on its own – when it comes to making decisions about food. Instead of saying, “I need more willpower!”, say “How can I make it easier to make healthier choices?” Here’s how you can work constructively towards that goal rather than just wishing or willing yourself to succeed.

Create healthy intentions: Make some ‘rules’ or ‘guidelines’ for yourself to help you handle tricky situations that sometimes cause a lapse in your healthy eating plan. This way, you’ve already got a course of action so that you don’t spend energy or rely on willpower to work your way around a problem. For example, you might make a ‘rule’ that instead of taking a piece of bread at dinner, you will just pass the basket straight on.

Modify your environment for success: Your environment is one of the most powerful triggers to eat – sights, sounds and smells all drive our choices. Set yourself up for success by thinking about changes you can make to your home and workspace. Also think about your or other spaces you use often. Set your spaces up in ways that make healthier choices as easy as possible. For example, fill a colorful fruit bowl and put it in the middle of an easy-to-reach table. Likewise, put Christmas cookies in a sealed tin where you can’t see it – such as at the back of a cupboard. That puts healthy nutrient-rich choices within reach.

Temptation bundling: Bundle the things you need to do with the things you like to do. This reduces the amount of energy and willpower you’ll need to be successful. For example, if you enjoy listening to podcasts, tie it to an evening walk so that you only listen to your favorite podcast while walking. Or watch your favorite Netflix show while you’re on your exercise bike.

3. Try to stay active every day

Aim to walk 10,000 steps a day. If you’re going to a family gathering, can you walk there? Can you take a walk to do some last-minute shopping or suggest a family walk to look at the Christmas lights? Any activity that involves standing – or being a bit more active than you otherwise would be – is the way to go.

4. Don’t forget your 5-a-day

Plan ahead and work out clever ways of ensuring you stay on top of your healthy lifestyle habits. Christmas Day aside, can you stick to your usual meal routines? Whether this is 2 or 5 smaller meals a day, consistency is key. Pack your snacks and plates with colorful and varied fruits and veggies to ensure you get the nutrients your body needs. Be creative if you’re out and about. Choose snacks that you can pack and take, or those you can take in bulk if you’re away from home and may have few other healthy options. Be smart with your portions – fill your plate half full of veggies and then add a quarter of a plate of fiber-rich carbohydrates (brown rice, pasta or potatoes, etc) and a quarter of protein (meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, etc).

5. Track and motivate with Allurion’s digital tools

If you don’t already have an Allurion Balloon, find out how you can start a new weight-loss journey before Christmas comes along. Along with the Allurion Balloon, you receive access to a Connected Scale, Health Tracker, app, and personalized nutritional coaching to support your weight loss goals throughout the festive period and beyond. The Allurion Health Tracker monitors your steps, exercise, and sleep, syncing all this information effortlessly to the app. Aside from being a good way to stay in your regular routine, they can also help you to stay motivated to stick with your healthy eating plans.

6. Get support from your circle

You don’t need to go it alone! Research shows that both practical and emotional support from family and friends can help you to reach your weight-loss goals. Include your loved ones in your weight-loss journey – let them know what you’re trying to achieve (and why). Success really can be and is most often, a team effort.

Bonus tip – don’t forget to celebrate!

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