A New Archaeological Discovery In The Capital Of Akhenaten.. The Discovery Of A Group Of Golden Ornaments In Tell El-Amarna

The Egyptian-English archaeological mission affiliated with the University of Cambridge and operating in the Tel el-Amarna archaeological area in Minya Governorate.

succeeded in discovering a burial containing a group of gold ornaments, during excavation work in the Northern General Cemetery.

This was stated by Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, indicating that the mission has been working in the northern general cemetery since 2010 .

in an attempt to study the social and economic situation of the residents of the city of Akhet Aten (Tel el-Amarna),

the capital of Egypt during the era of King Akhenaten, and the quality of food and common diseases in this period of history Ancient Egypt.

For his part, Gamal El-Samastawy, Director General of Antiquities of Central Egypt, said that inside the burial a group of gold ornaments consisting of three rings was found, one of which was decorated .

with an image of the ancient Egyptian idol “Bas”, the god of fun, and the second was decorated with hieroglyphic symbols that can be read “Sat Nept”.

“Tawi” meaning the daughter of the Lady of the Two Lands, in addition to a small necklace of hollow gold beads.

Dr. added. I am Stephen, the deputy head of the English mission, that the mission has been working in the Tel el-Amarna antiquities area since the eighties.

and has uncovered many antiquities, in addition to the restoration work of mud-brick buildings, the remains of houses and palaces, and the restoration of the small and large Aten temple.

It is worth noting that the area of ​​​​Tel el-Amarna is considered one of the most important archaeological areas in Egypt.

as it was the capital of Egypt during the era of King Akhenaten, who called for monotheism and the worship of one god called “Aten” and symbolized by the disk of the sun.

Many religious buildings for the worship of Aten, such as the Great Temple and the Small Temple, in addition to royal palaces such as the Grand Palace and the King’s House.

which were linked by a bridge crossing the royal road used by Akhenaten to pass from his residence to the seat of government.

as well as the northern palace known as Nefertiti’s palace, in addition to many The large houses belonging to the courtiers and senior statesmen.

The area also includes 25 tombs carved in the eastern mountain belonging to senior statesmen and priests.

which are large tombs engraved with religious themes representing the art of Amarna and the religion of Akhenaten.

and views of religious buildings in the city such as the Great and Small Temple.

the house of King Akhenaten and Nefertiti and their six daughters, in addition to the royal cemetery, which is similar in its layout.

Tombs of the New Kingdom in the Valley of the Kings, located inside the mountain, 15 km east of the ancient city.

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