Al Haouz earthquake: 632 deaths and 329 injured, 51 of them seriously (current toll)

The death toll from the earthquake, which was recorded yesterday evening, Friday, and whose epicenter was located in the Ighil community in the Al Haouz province, rose to 632 deaths and 329 injuries, including 51 serious injuries, according to an updated tally of the Ministry of the Interior up to seven in the morning.

The Secretary General of the General Directorate of Interior Affairs stated, in a press interview this morning, Saturday, that 290 deaths were recorded in Al Haouz Province, 190 deaths in Taroudant Province, 89 deaths in Chichaoua Province, 30 deaths in Ouarzazate Province, 13 deaths in Marrakesh Prefecture, 11 deaths in Azilal Province, and 5 deaths. in the prefecture of Agadir, and 3 deaths in Greater Casablanca, and one death in the Youssoufia region.

He added that this earthquake also resulted in the collapse of a number of buildings in these prefectures and provinces, explaining that the Royal Armed Forces, local authorities, security services and civil protection in all concerned prefectures and provinces continue to recruit and harness all means and capabilities in order to intervene and provide the necessary assistance, and assess the damage.

Maghreb Arab News Agency


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