Cybercrimes: Social media platforms delete content that incites hate speech and violence

The Cybercrime Unit at the Public Security Directorate affirmed that it continues to monitor what is published on social media, especially with
regard to hate speech, incitement to vandalism and attacks on law enforcement agencies and public and private property.

Various social media platforms formed a fertile environment for many to invest in the recent protests that took place in a number of regions in the Kingdom, and accompanied the strike of truck owners and workers in the transport sector, to inflame public opinion, by broadcasting inflammatory and fabricated content.

During the past few days, the Cybercrime Unit monitored remarkable activity for fake accounts from inside and outside the Kingdom, which worked on reproducing videos of previous protests, and employing video clips from other countries and attributing them to many regions in the Kingdom, inciting more violence, vandalism and riots.

The incitement content on social media platforms during the past few days reflected an unbridled desire of their owners to harm Jordan’s security and stability, and to abuse its security services, in violation of professionalism, objectivity and credibility, and an attack on the sovereignty of the Jordanian state and its institutions, especially the security services.

The unit said that, as part of its efforts to enforce the law and preserve the security and stability of Jordan and the security of its citizens, it informed those in charge of these platforms, in cooperation with the concerned government institutions and within the legal framework, about the inflammatory content of many accounts, confirming that it had received a prompt response from these platforms in deleting many accounts. Fabricated and malicious videos, and stopping many accounts that target Jordan, by broadcasting hate speech and calling for violence and vandalism.

The unit affirmed that it is continuing to apply the law forcefully and firmly, and to refer anyone who commits such crimes to the judiciary, noting that the decision to temporarily suspend one of these platforms is due to the many videos full of incitement to murder and chaos on this platform.

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