Egypt celebrates the International Migrant Day


On the eighteenth of December, Egypt and the international community celebrate the International Migrant Day, with a desire to highlight the rights of migrants and the challenges they face, as well as their contributions to the societies in which they live.

Migrants represent the most vulnerable groups in some host societies, as they are exposed to abuse and exploitation, in addition to the difficulty in their access to basic services.

Despite this, they are a source of development in those societies. Where their knowledge and skills contribute to the development of the economies of the host countries, in addition to their contributions to the remittances of their families in their home country, which is a source of income for their countries.

And based on Egypt’s keenness to respect its international obligations, it deals with the issue of migrants from a comprehensive perspective that takes into account the development dimension and realizes the importance of addressing the root causes of illegal immigration.

The Egyptian vision is based on several pillars, including achieving development at home, so that immigration is an option, not an obligation.

This is done by qualifying young people and building their capabilities in line with the requirements of the internal and external market, in addition to not preventing immigrants from working in a way that prevents their exploitation.

Moreover, Egypt receives about 9 million immigrants and refugees who left their country for various reasons and found a safe haven in Egypt.

Where they live side by side with Egyptians, enjoying basic services and freedom of movement, as Egypt refuses to establish detention centers or camps, whether for refugees or immigrants.

In accordance with Egypt’s Vision 2030, and in line with Egypt’s relevant international commitments, the Egyptian government has established a national mechanism, namely the National Coordinating Committee for Combating and Preventing Illegal Immigration and Human Trafficking.

Legislation dealing with illegal immigration and combating human trafficking has also been enacted, and relevant national strategies have been put in place with the aim of raising awareness of the two crimes and building the capacities of all agencies concerned with them.

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