Jordan…Prince El Hassan lectures on regional developments in Muscat


Chairman of the Arab Thought Forum Prince El Hassan bin Talal concluded a visit to Muscat, Oman, where he lectured on regional developments at the Sultan Qaboos University and met the grand mufti of the country.

The lecture, entitled “The Arab Reality in light of international developments and tensions and their repercussions on the region: a future vision,” was organised by the Omani Cultural Club.

Prince El Hassan noted the “strong” Jordanian-Omani ties, their mediating role in dealing with regional and international issues and the mediation the two countries are doing to “keep the nation together.”

In the lecture, Prince El Hassan presented a forward-looking reading of the Arab reality in light of the developments and changes taking place in the region, noting that the Middle East is the “gateway” to convergence between North Africa, Europe and Asia.

He talked about the “importance” of focusing on a culture of dialogue, which seeks to devise effective solutions. It generates enlightenment, depth, insights and wisdom to enhance participation in decision-making and bolster dialogue.

He noted the “necessity” of accentuating commonalities and respecting the differences between different cultures through an integrated system of social and cultural values based on respect for life.

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