jordan ‘Saboteurs’ kill police officer in Al Hussainiya area


What the police described as “saboteurs” Thursday killed the Deputy Police Chief of Ma’an, Colonel Abdul Razzaq Dalabeh, by shooting him in the head while the police were trying to calm down riots in the southern town of Al Husseiniya.

The Public Security Directorate (PSD) mourned the death of Dalabeh. It said, in a statement, it would continue its work to uphold security and protect people, adding, “we will strike with an iron fist anyone who attempts to attack lives and public property and threatens the security of the homeland and the citizen.”

The PSD said that it protects the freedom of opinion and peaceful expression; nonetheless, it would operate according to the law and by using “appropriate” force with anyone who stages riots and vandalises property.

The Public Security Directorate expressed condolences to the families and colleagues of Dalabeh.

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