Jordan: Society of Friends of the Orphan Charity organizes its annual ceremony and honors its supporters

Rami Haddad

The Society of Friends of the Orphan Charity in Amman organized its 25th annual ceremony with the participation of women from the society and supporters of the charity’s initiatives to help underprivileged children.

The goal is to plant a smile on the faces of these children; especially since they are in dire need of love, kindness, and attention.
The charity’s breakfast event was held at the Orthodox Club in Abdoun, with the presence of underprivileged children and some charitable women from the community. The ceremony included various activities, such as special performances by the children, accompanied by trainers. Additionally, shields and gifts were distributed to the participants, and an artistic ceremony was held to celebrate the occasion.


Thanks were given to everyone who contributed to the success of this charity event, which consistently supports disadvantaged children and continues to serve all forgotten groups of society; which are the primary focus of the charity’s attention.

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