Somalia: New US sanctions against individuals and entities supporting the terrorist Al-Shabaab militia

Somali National News Agency

Yesterday, Wednesday, the US Treasury Department announced the issuance of new sanctions related to the terrorist Kharijite militias linked to Al-Qaeda, targeting 26 individuals and entities supporting Al-Shabaab terrorist militias, including 15 financial facilitators and activists, four coal smugglers, and seven companies associated with them.

This action targets key regional leaders, affiliates, and members of the terrorist group who engage in a wide range of activities in support of the Kharijite militias, including financial facilitation, commercial and fundraising activities, the proliferation of explosive devices, and illegal coal smuggling from Somalia, all of which have exacerbated local conflicts and suffering.

The United States has also designated five terrorist leaders of the al-Shabaab militia as global terrorists. These include Mohamed Sido, a Malian commander and a commander in the military wing of the al-Shabaab militia, Ali Yari, another Malian commander who oversees the illegal tax operations of the al-Shabaab militia in the Balad Amin district of Shabelle governorate. Lower, Muhammad Daoud Ghabni, a financial commander, responsible for all financial operations of the youth militias in Wanlawin and Balad Amin regions of Lower Shabelle Governorate, Suleiman Abdi Daoud, governor of Balad Amin district, Muhammad Omar Muhammad, governor of Dinsur district in Bay province.

The Minister of Trade and Industry in the Somali federal government, Jibril Abd al-Rashid Haj Abdi, said that the economic war imposed by the government to dry up the sources of terrorist financing has become successful.

He pointed out that his ministry was able to block bank accounts and block phone numbers that were used by terrorist cells to receive illegal money from the Somali people.

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