Thursday, March 30, 2023

Sudan’s army chief Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan: The army will not operate under the rule of a civilian government

Sudan’s army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan said that the army would not operate under the rule of a civilian government if it were not an elected government.

Al-Burhan made the remarks during a celebration of a Sudanese military garrison north of the capital Khartoum.

Al-Burhan stressed that the army will not exclude any national party unless the national constants of Sudan are compromised and that the army will eventually agree to the ongoing dialogue to resolve the crisis in the country.

The Sudanese army, led by Al-Burhan, had signed, a few days ago, an emergency agreement with nearly 50 civilian parties in Sudan to reach a solution to end the political crisis in the country. The signing of the agreement was attended by many international and regional entities.

The agreement signed by Al-Burhan stipulated that Sudanese authority should be handed over to civilians, but on the condition that the Prime Minister is the Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces.

Al-Burhan commented: “The agreement is a set of points that were formulated to put an end to the ongoing political complexities in the country.”

He stressed that the army’s approval of this agreement to settle the current situation is in the interest of all Sudanese people, warning all civilian parties involved in signing the agreement not to hijack it for their own interest.

Al-Burhan also explained that the Armed Forces will not accept anything that could undermine Sudan’s constants and that the army wants the transfer of power to take place in a proper civilian manner to move Sudan to a better place.


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