The harvest of Egyptian university hospitals during the year 2022

Dr. Ayman Ashour, the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education, Research and Scientific Affairs, confirmed that the Egyptian university hospital system witnessed, during the year 2022, many distinguished achievements that were made in full swing according to the comprehensive strategic plan adopted by the state to support and develop university hospitals, and in light of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on the importance of accelerating The pace of efforts being made to develop the health system in Egypt, and the development of material and human capabilities working in this vital sector, in a way that contributes to improving the medical service provided to citizens, and improving the level of health care for them.

He referred to the medical services provided by university hospitals, in addition to development work and raising efficiency during the year 2022, explaining that the total number of university hospitals reached 120, of which 70 provide multidisciplinary medical services, and the rest are hospitals specializing in oncology, mental health, and women’s health. geriatrics, emergency hospitals, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, and nephrology.

He added that the clinical capacity of university hospitals amounted to 35,825 beds, which represents about 30% of the total health care beds in government facilities, as this capacity includes 4,830 intensive care beds, which represents 50% of the intensive care beds in the government sector.

He pointed out that university hospitals received 20.1 million medical cases in their outpatient clinics during 2022, and emergency departments received about 3.5 million emergency health cases, in addition to performing more than 1.5 million surgeries, adding that university hospitals are the only medical destination in Egypt. Which provides dialysis sessions for children weighing less than 10 kilograms.

For his part, Dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Egyptian University Hospitals, confirmed that university hospitals participated in President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s initiative to end waiting lists for critical operations and urgent surgical interventions, as they performed 297,967 operations, out of a total of 33,679 surgical interventions. Oncology, 80,687 eye surgeries, 122,427 cardiac catheterizations, 13,625 open-heart surgeries, in addition to 1,084 cochlear implants, 498 liver transplants, and 244 kidney transplants.

He pointed out that the work of developing and raising efficiency included 18 university hospitals, including the development of infrastructure and medical equipment, which included the development of operating rooms with a capsule system, the provision of artificial respirators, dialysis machines, and incubators for premature babies, at an estimated cost of more than 2 billion and 700 million. fairy.

He stressed that the Ministry of Higher Education, represented by university hospitals, has always been at the forefront of participating in the national projects launched by the Egyptian state, including the comprehensive health insurance project, where work has been done to increase the number of students in the specialty of family medicine; To meet the needs of the comprehensive health insurance system’s work strategy, training of students of medical colleges in health units and centers has also been initiated, in addition to the inclusion of health economics studies in the curricula of medical colleges, in addition to working on the accreditation of university hospitals in the Suez and Aswan governorates from the Accreditation and Supervision Authority, including It is in line with the state’s directions towards generalizing the system in all governorates of the Republic, according to a specific timetable.

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