with video. Al-Sisi cries while attending the “Able to be Different” celebration

Cairo office

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi wept today, Wednesday, while attending the “Able to be Different” celebration for people of determination.

Al-Sisi could not control his tears, which fell when the artist, “Ashraf Abdel-Baqi”, expressed expressions of gratitude for his interest in people of determination.

And Ashraf Abd al-Baqi said: “It is possible that if we talk about the best friend, he is present with us in the hall who consulted on those who are able to differ.”

Abdel-Baqi also added: “Let the whole point of view differ.” Here, Abdel-Baqi referred to President El-Sisi.

And Abdel-Baqi continued in his speech before Al-Sisi and directed him: “Mr. President, he is really the best friend, and we hope, God willing, that the coming year will be able to differ, so that many companions will remain capable of differently.”

President El-Sisi attended the celebration of those who are capable of differently, among a large group of officials and families of people of determination, in its fourth edition, under the slogan “Lena is a place”.

The broadcast of the celebration was broadcast by a large number of Egyptian satellite channels, led by the Egyptian TV.


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