Kuwait Recovers $100 Million from Bahrain in Compliance with a Court Ruling

Source: Kuwait

Kuwait’s Public Prosecution said it had recovered $100 million worth of assets and funds from Bahrain in compliance of a court ruling issued against a citizen and his wife who were convicted in a major corruption case.

The Public Prosecution said in a tweet on Twitter that this step was carried out in the verdict’s implementation against the two convicts, Fahad Maziad Al-Rajaan, former director of the Public Institution for Social Security and one of the most prominent defendants in corruption cases in Kuwait, and his wife, Mona Mohammed Al-Wazzan.

Fahad Al-Rajaan died in September at the age of 73 in London, where he had resided for years.

Al-Rajaan was accused of several cases dating back to his tenure as director of the Public Institution for Social Security, which invests the pensioners’ funds in Kuwait and abroad, including suspicions of embezzlement, breach of trust, mismanagement, and money laundering.

In 2016, the Kuwaiti Criminal Court sentenced Al-Rajaan in absentia to 10 years imprisonment as he was outside Kuwait, and the sentence was circulated to the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol).

In 2017, London police arrested him at the request of Kuwait, but his extradition to Kuwait never took place.

In 2019, Kuwait announced that the Supreme Court in London had issued a ruling imposing a seizure of $847 million on Al-Rajaan’s assets and obliging him to disclose all his assets worldwide.

The Kuwaiti Public Prosecution’s statement indicated that the recovery of funds was made “within the framework of judicial cooperation between the Public Prosecution and its counterpart in the Kingdom of Bahrain,” extending its thanks to the Bahraini Public Prosecution.

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