Mobility Service Market Witness Rising Demand for Relocation to the UAE says Writer Relocations

With some of the best business and employment opportunities, the UAE, particularly Dubai and Abu Dhabi, have attracted expats from all corners of the world. Apart from world-class comfort and luxury, the country offers competitive compensation to skilled individuals to climb up their corporate ladder.

“As a global mobility service provider, we have witnessed that the number of c-suite executives looking to settle in the UAE is significantly higher than other countries in the world. We have also observed that people who choose the UAE for business, employment, or retirement, make it their permanent nest. As a niche service provider for mobility services, we have handled 468 moves in the past 8 months that is from April 2022 to November 2022,” pointed out Simon Mason, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Revenue Officer, Writer Relocations.

While the UAE remains the centre point in the GCC, Writer Relocations has presence across other Gulf regions such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain. The company deploys advanced solutions such as automation in sizes estimation to ensure a seamless relocation.

“The UAE is one of the world’s fastest growing markets and has become the destination of choice for millions of expat professionals and their families. Renowned for its secured business environment, rising economy, world-class career opportunities and strong regulatory structure, the UAE has firmly established itself as one of the world’s most liveable countries,” added Mason.

The UAE’s success is underpinned by its commitment to providing expatriates with unique life experiences, and high living standards that not just surpass those of their home countries, but rate among the world’s best overall. While the country is a home to a melting pot of cultures, people from over 210 nationalities choose to move into it as their home.

“The number of individuals choosing to relocate to the UAE is on a high in the recent years. Globally, people on employment basis choose to stay in a country for a maximum of five to six years and then relocate to greener pastures. However, with the UAE, most of the families and individuals who have relocated choose to settle in it permanently. Relocations export enquiries figure from Dubai and Abu Dhabi is lower compared with import to them unlike other cities in the world such as San Francisco, New York, London, Tokyo,” concluded Mason.

According to Mason, new hires are the majority in terms of relocations to the UAE. Companies in the country are looking outside their geographic area when hiring, to find and recruit top talent. In his opinion, expansion into new markets and mergers and acquisitions are key factors leading people to move to the UAE, in a way propelling the growth of the relocations industry too.

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