SCCI opens registration for Sharjah Excellence Award 2023

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) has initiated registration for Sharjah Excellence Award 2023 and urged the businesses to avail the opportunity to acknowledge their best practices.

SCCI announced that registration for the new edition is now available on the award’s website, SHJSEEN ( and will be open until the end of next November. The participating UAE and Gulf business communities have a great opportunity to benefit from the event’s multiple advantages, outreach courses and programs to be organized by SCCI during the coming period.

Great Opportunity

“Being one of the most prominent in-kind awards across the region, Sharjah Excellence Award is a great opportunity should be seized by private sector businesses to enhance their competitiveness and benefit from the quality, leadership and innovation values”, said His Highness Abdullah Sultan Al Owais, SCCI Chairman and Chairman of Sharjah Excellence Award Board of Trustees.

He added that the event reflects SCCI’s keenness and commitment to achieving its strategic goals that aim at supporting and promoting positive practices towards the business sector’s sustainable economic growth.

Therefore, HH Abdullah Sultan Al Owais invited Sharjah and GCC businesses to seize the opportunity and participate in this special event which tangibly witness outstanding development on an annual basis. This year, the Board of Trustees made substantial amendments to the award’s categories, by merging Sharjah Green Award with Sharjah Award for Social Responsibility under the name “Sharjah Award for Social Responsibility”, in keeping pace with international best practices in business excellence, and to add many competitive advantages to the participating companies.

Facilitated Procedure

Nada Al Hajri, General Coordinator of the Sharjah Excellence Award, pointed out that the Board of Trustees was keen to facilitate the registration process across all the award categories. The process is available on A registration application is required to be filled out, specifying the category to participate in, and adding a copy of valid commercial license and SCCI (private sector) membership certificate.

The application will be revised by the Award Office. A reply with the Office confirmation or rejection will be sent via email, accordingly.

In the event that the registration request is approved, the participation file for the selected category will be sent to be filled out and delivered by the set deadline. The award allocated the phone number: 06-5938703 and the email address: [email protected] for any additional information.

The registration is open for all categories for all private sector institutions, except for “Sharjah Award for Excellence”, which is exclusive for private sector establishments in the Emirate of Sharjah; and “Sharjah Gulf Excellence Award”, which will be based on the Board of Trustees’ nomination system; as well as Sharjah Award for Social Responsibility, which will be available for private and public sector establishments from the Emirate of Sharjah only, Al Hajri outlined.

The program consists of eight awards categories, including Sharjah Gulf Localization Award, Sharjah Gulf Excellence Award, Sharjah Excellence Award, Sharjah Small & Medium Enterprises Award, Sharjah Entrepreneurs Award, and Sharjah Social Responsibility Award, .Sharjah Best Security Standards Award, and Sharjah Entrepreneurs with Disability Award

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