Sharjah Department of Government Relations explores cultural cooperation with Japanese cities


Sheikh Majid Al Qasimi, Director of the Sharjah Department of Government Relations (DGR), reviewed with a delegation from Japan, led by Sekiguchi Noboru, Consul-General of Japan in the UAE, ways to bolster bilateral relations and collaboration across multiple domains.

The meeting took place at the headquarters of DGR in the presence of Toshihide Yasaka, Deputy Consul-General of Japan in the UAE, and a number of senior officials from the department.

Throughout the meeting, the delegates explored opportunities to deepen the historical ties between Sharjah and Japanese cities in the areas of economics, culture, and development.

Al Qasimi emphasised the significant growth potential in the relationship between Japan and Sharjah, particularly in tourism, culture, education, and investment. He explained that the meeting served as a foundation for further discussions aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation in a variety of fields.

The delegation from Japan was particularly interested in Sharjah’s efforts to promote cultural initiatives through the establishment of the “World Cultural Centre,” which serves as a hub for a range of international cultural institutes under one roof within the University City of Sharjah. The centre features institutions such as Alliance Français, the British Council, the Korean King Sejong Institute, the Goethe-Institut German Language Centre, and the Spanish Cervantes Institute.

In turn, the Japanese Consul-General highlighted the success of ongoing communication with various development agencies and sectors, with the goal of fostering cooperation in the cultural, economic, and investment realms. He suggested the appointment of a Japan Cultural attaché in the World Cultural Centre to further strengthen cultural exchange and cooperation between the two sides. He also stressed the significance of joint cultural initiatives to foster friendship and cultural understanding and the activation of student exchange programmes between universities in Japan and Sharjah.

The DGR welcomed the proposed coordination of future meetings between development and cultural authorities in Sharjah and their Japanese counterparts, and expressed a commitment to prepare for a high-level delegation visit to Japan to share expertise and broaden the scope of collaboration in multiple domains.


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