The truth and beyond. 7E News officially launches into the media space

United Arab Emirates – Dubai – 12.12.2022: Under the presence of His Excellency Mohammed Jalal Al Raisi, Director General of the Emirates News Agency (WAM), Al Dhafra Media Group launched its new website, which bears the name 7E News, under the slogan “The Truth and Beyond”, in the presence of a group of media professionals, journalists, businessmen, poets, artists and interested people.

In his speech to the audience, His Excellency Mohammed Jalal Al Raisi, Director General of the Emirates News Agency (WAM), confirmed that 7E News will be an addition to the national media in the UAE, stressing that the Emirates News Agency will seek to provide all forms of support for spread and expansion.

His Excellency Mohammed Jalal Al-Raisi praised the artistic vision and content presented by 7E News, especially with regard to the local news it deals with in the UAE, or the coverage it makes of international and regional news.

For her part, Mrs. Amna Al Dhaheri, Director General of Al Dhafra Media Group, said that the leadership of the United Arab Emirates has given the media and its means every care and attention and set correct frameworks for the national media and prepared all conditions for a transparent and impartial media environment, which led to the creation of local, national and Arab media on the land of the Emirates, which has become a model for media freedom

Mrs. Al Dhaheri said in her speech that Al Dhafra Media Group was able to keep pace with developments, but it preserved, consolidated and strengthened the popular heritage, customs, traditions, moral values and tolerant precepts that already existed among the people and society of the Emirates, which made it enjoy a popular position among its Emirati, Gulf and Arab audiences.

On the launch of the 7E News website by Al Dhafra Media Group, Amna Al Dhaheri said: The role of 7E News is to provide a media and news platform that is impartial, objective, and diversified in content, to be a link between the Arab and Western worlds.

For his part, Mr. Omar Tahboub, Editor-in-Chief of the 7E News website, called on all media professionals, intellectuals, and those interested to participate in the 7E News website, and promised that the website would be impartial and transparent in its news and topics, conveying the voice of the Arab recipient, presenting the image of the media according to its authentic tools.

Regarding the artistic form of the 7E News website, Mr. Tahboub said, “We took into account the 7e News website, the attractive elements of colors and designs, also we were keen on diversity in the content that the website will publish from political, economic and sports news, in addition to opinion articles by prominent writers from the Arab World and the world, in addition to providing audio services like poems and podcast, which will address many contemporary issues and stories

During the launching ceremony of the 7E News website, a documentary film was shown that talks about the stages of establishment and the general vision of the website, in addition to introducing the offices of the 7E News Arab and international website spread around the world, which will cover regional and international events to convey it to the follower wherever he is.

The poet Abdullah bin Shama recited a poem full of patriotic feelings, and he singled out the 7E News website with a poem of his own, in which he congratulated its blessed launch.

A number of cooperation agreements were exchanged between the 7E News website, the French news agency AFP, the German Ruptly Agency, the Dailyhunt company and the China Media Group for the Middle East

Al Dhafra Media Group had chosen today 12.12.2022 as a distinguished date for the launch of the 7E News website, to be a comprehensive news website in line with the spirit of modern media that adopts fast and documented information. The website also contains a comprehensive daily news bulletin broadcast via Al Dhafra Channel under the name 7E News, which includes a special file for local news of the United Arab Emirates and other Arab and international files, in addition to economic and sports news, a special article from local, Arab and international websites and newspapers, and various other paragraphs. 7E News has multiple technical sections that meet the aspirations of followers around the world, according to a renewed and modern media vision.

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