A bear was killed after attempts to save it from a bulletproof iron box failed in Russia

Source: Novosti

A bear whose head was stuck inside an iron box was shot dead, in the vicinity of the village of Barabash in the Primorye region, after attempts to save it failed.

A decision was made to shoot the animal, with the participation of hunters from the hunting supervisory body “Okhot Nadzor”, after the bear made attempts to attack people.

A spokesman for the authority told the Russian “Novosti” agency: “The bear in the coastal village of Barabash climbed a building, then approached people to attack them, so the Hunting Control Authority decided to shoot it.”

It is worth noting that inspectors from the Hunting Control Authority, police officers and employees in the “Land of the Leopard” National Park were searching for a bear whose head had been stuck inside an iron box in the coastal village of Barabash since the end of August. Residents of the region who returned from the Kamchatka Peninsula saw the poor bear and were able to photograph it, as the exhausted animal wandered along the road, apparently hoping for help from people.

On September 12, the bear was captured on video again. The footage showed the bear walking along the river, with the can still stuck to his head.

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