Azerbaijan announces that 192 soldiers were killed and 511 wounded in an anti-terrorism operation in Karabakh

Source: TASS

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Health reported that 192 Azerbaijani soldiers were killed and 511 others were injured during the anti-terrorism operation conducted by Baku in the Karabakh region last week.

A statement issued by the ministry on Wednesday said: “During counter-terrorism measures of a local nature, 192 soldiers from the Azerbaijani Armed Forces were killed. The statement added that 180 of those killed were military personnel from the Ministry of Defense and 12 – members of the security forces affiliated with the Ministry of Interior. The ministry continued that 511 Military personnel suffered various injuries.

It indicated that one civilian was killed and another was injured during the operation.

She added: “The identities of 11 people will be determined after genetic studies conducted by forensic experts.”

For its part, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense published a list of soldiers who were killed during the special operation on September 19 and 20.

On September 19, Azerbaijan launched a military operation in Karabakh, describing it as “anti-terrorism measures of a local nature” to restore constitutional order. Yerevan described this as aggression, saying that there were no Armenian units in Karabakh. One day later, through the mediation of Russian peacekeeping forces, an agreement was reached on a ceasefire.