Eight people were arrested in Armenia on charges of preparing to seize power

Source: Agencies

The Armenian National Security Service announced on Sunday the arrest of eight people suspected of preparing an armed seizure of power.

Armenian security said in a statement that “members of the national paramilitary organization ‘Crusaders’, who have anti-government views and ideological hostility towards members of the government and its president, reached an agreement to seize power” using weapons stored in their possession and through violence that poses a danger to life or health. “.

The statement reported the arrest of eight members of the “criminal group” without mentioning their names, adding that a criminal case had been filed against them under the article “Preparing to usurp power.”

According to the statement, during the search, “firearms, ammunition, air pistols, bulletproof vests, communications devices, computers, and notebooks containing various recordings and documents” were found.

Local media indicated that former Yerevan Mayor Albert Bazian, whose arrest appeared on Saturday, may be among those detained.

For days, Yerevan has been witnessing widespread protests, with participants demanding the departure of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, whom they accuse of “handing over” the Karabakh region to Azerbaijan.