Kim Jong Un stresses the need to modernize North Korea’s nuclear forces

Source: TASS

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un stressed that Pyongyang must modernize its nuclear forces and “dramatically increase its nuclear weapons production.”

He pointed out that efforts in this direction are necessary to achieve deterrence capabilities in the face of the threat of nuclear war against North Korea.
State-run Voice of Korea radio reported earlier that the Supreme People’s Assembly discussed amendments to the constitution regarding the country’s nuclear forces.

Constitutional amendments were approved regarding the status of nuclear forces and the necessity of their rapid development as a guarantee of the Republic’s right to exist, “deterring war,” and ensuring “peace and stability” in the world and the region.

North Korean official media indicated that Kim Jong Un also stressed in the meeting “the necessity of maintaining and strengthening solidarity with countries that stood against the hegemonic strategy of the United States and the West.”

Kim Jong Un described the “military alliance” that includes Japan, the United States and South Korea as “the Asian version of NATO” and “the cause of wars and aggression.”