Netanyahu asks Israeli president to extend mandate to form government


Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud party Chairperson, has asked President Isaac Herzog for an extension of the mandate to form a new coalition government in the country, Yedioth Ahronoth Newspaper reported Thursday on its website.

Netanyahu, whose party won the snap elections on November 1st, received this mandate from the president on November 13th.

The Law provides that this mandate can be extended for an additional 14 days.

On November 11th, Israeli President Isaac Herzog concluded a three-day round of consultations with representatives of the 25 Knesset parties on the prime minister’s candidacy, instructing Likud Chairperson Benjamin Netanyahu to form a government coalition and a government on Sunday, November 13th, after the elections on the first of this month, Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation (Kan) reported.

That mandate is due to expireon Sunday

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