North Korea allows foreigners to enter after a closure that lasted more than 3 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Source: AFP

Official Chinese media said that North Korea will allow foreigners to enter the country starting Monday, after strict restrictions imposed by Pyongyang following the spread of the Corona virus and lasting more than 3 years.

North Korea has largely closed its borders since the beginning of 2020 due to the Covid epidemic.
The official Chinese CCTV network reported on Monday that North Korea announced that it would allow foreigners to enter its territory.

The report added that foreigners will be subject to a two-day quarantine period upon arrival.

The report did not provide additional information about the source of the announcement, noting that North Korean official media did not publish any information about reopening the borders.

A Chinese company that operates flights to North Korea, Dandong Strait National Flights, told its followers on the WeChat social site, “Flights have not resumed at the present time. Wait and be patient.”

Bloomberg reported that Pyongyang slowly eased the border restrictions it imposed nearly four years ago by allowing high-level delegations from China and Russia to visit the country in July, then sending commercial planes in August to Beijing and Vladivostok to return stranded diplomats, students and workers. Ways abroad due to border restrictions.

It is worth noting that North Korea decided to reopen its borders to its citizens residing abroad after a strict isolation imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic.