One dead and two missing due to heavy rains in Japan (video)

Japanese officials announced today, Saturday, that heavy rains have killed one person and left two others missing in the archipelago, while calling on hundreds of thousands of residents to evacuate their areas

And called on the Japanese authorities to exercise extreme caution “in the face of the dangers of landslides, torrential rains and flooding of rivers” that may result from Tropical Storm Mawar, which was classified as a hurricane

In the center of the country, a team of rescuers found a sixty-year-old man in a car that was flooded with water, and his death was confirmed at a later time.

In the Wakayama region in the west, where many rivers have burst their banks, searches are under way for a missing man and woman.

The authorities issued evacuation recommendations and declared a high alert on Friday, but it was lowered on Saturday as the rains subsided. But new instructions were issued to residents living near Tokyo on Saturday morning due to the risk of flooding.

The Tokyo Power Grid said about 4,000 homes in areas close to the capital had lost power.

And the railway company “JR” announced that high-speed train traffic was still suspended between Tokyo and Nagoya. However, it is expected to resume at noon on Saturday, according to the public channel “NHK”.

“Very heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms are expected in a large part of Japan, from west to east over the next three days,” government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno said Friday.

Storm Mawar was still classified as a hurricane when it struck the US island of Guam in late May, uprooting trees, sweeping away homes and temporarily depriving tens of thousands of residents of electricity

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